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In this delightful sit-down with Victoria Merlino at the Queens Eagle, Dr. Tajerian goes down memory lane to discuss the inception of the consulting company Thwacke, her current work at Queens College, CUNY, and work-life integration.

Science, SciComm, and Family: My Journey through Academia

In this interview with Dr. Stephani Sutherland, Dr. Tajerian discusses her manuscript describing the contribution of the hippocampal extracellular matrix to chronic pain-related brain plasticity.

Pain Research Forum: Progress through Collaboration

Relief: Pain Research News, Insights and Ideas

Dr. Tajerian participates in a multidisciplinary discussion on the basic mechanisms behind the enigmatic Complex Regional pain Syndrome in this article by Allison Marin.

Brains and Bourbon

In this interview with NeuWriteWest at Stanford University, Dr. Tajerian discusses her path through the exciting world of academia and her passion for videogames and scifi.

io9 Interview

How does the brain “remember” the experience of chronic pain? Annalee Newitz discusses the epigenetic regulation of chronic pain with Dr. Tajerian and Dr. Alvarado.