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Research Areas

Below are some of the projects our lab has been working on. See anything you like? Get in touch to see how you can collaborate with our team or join our lab!

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The extracellular interface of neuron-glia interactions

The brain extracellular matrix plays a key role in chronic pain. We examine the extracellular regulation of neuron-glia crosstalk, in vivo and in vitro, using various biophysical (AFM, SEM) and biochemical (IHC, single-cell western blotting) tools.

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Neurocognitive changes in chronic pain conditions

Pain is more than nociception. Experiencing chronic pain is often associated with alterations in mood and memory function. We study these changes in mice using complex behavioral paradigms.

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Chronic Pain and The microbiome

In collaboration with the Dennehy Lab, we aim to characterize the changes in gut microbiome following chronic pain in mice.